Symposium for Research

Fascination Hohe Tauern – science and research in the National Park

What are science and research?
Science is the expansion of knowledge through research, its transmission through traineeship and the necessary organizational scope – ultimately it is the entire knowledge which has this way been acquired. Research is the methodical search for new cognition and their systematic documentation and publication in form of scientific works.

Why are science and research necessary in the National Park?
This question is asked very often: on an international level science and research indeed form a substantial task scope in the National Park work as a whole. Still only a single explanation itself is not sufficient as an answer. An established science and research activity of the National Park is in many respects quite important: on one hand in the Hohe Tauern area – as a huge natural and cultural heritage with a quite variegated history – there is still a lot to discover. On the other hand a detailed scientific data for the National Park planning is required – for the natural heritage administration as well as for educational purposes, for visitors assistance and the approach with the public.
Research shall support the work of the single National Park Administrations through following core subjects:

Inventory Completion: for instance representative, endangered, endemic and environmentally relevant species (biodiversity), life biocoenosis, natural processes and abiotic conditions (geo diversity).

Development of Scientific basic principles for the application of the international tasks: for instance Natura 2000, Alpine Convention, Convention on Biological Diversity and IUCN criteria.

Developing and application of a long-term monitoring: this means to develop methods, procedures and strategies for National Park relevant questions, for instance changing processes and results checking in the frame of the natural environment administration.

Providing of interdisciplinary evaluations and Interpretations: for instance as regards the maintenance state of the National Park properties and commodities, man-nature interactions, consequences of the global climatic change and changes in the utilization.

Guaranteeing of quality control management: this means development of criteria, tools and measures for the whole operational field "Science and research coordination" of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

For this purpose in 2007 a research project has been developed which is scheduled to be applied step by step and completed in 2020.